Alia Sabur — a child prodigy

Most of us heard about Alia Sabur, an Iranian-American child prodigy, for the first time when the Guinness World Records did the following citation on March 7 2008:

Youngest professor — The youngest university professor is Alia Sabur (USA, b. 22 February 1989), who was appointed as a full-time faculty Professor of the Department of Advanced Technology Fusion at Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea, with effect from 19 February 2008, aged 18 years 362 days. Ms Sabur’s official title is: International Professor as Research Liaison with Stony Brook University (New York, USA).”

Alia Sabur, the youngest university professor

Alia Sabur, the youngest university professor

Alia Sabur, born in Feb. 1989, was admitted to State University of New York at Stony Brook at the age of 10. She finished her undergraduate degree at the age of 14,  the youngest girl to finish BS degree in the USA. She then went on to finish her MS and Ph.D. at Drexel University in 2006 at the age of 17. And she was by no means a one-dimensional nerd who could only do math and physics. She got a black belt in tae kwon do at the age of 9. She’s also an expert level clarinet player. However her area of specialty and concentration is nanotechnology and specifically nanopohotonics.

Here are a few video clips on her:

There are plenty more on Youtube and elsewhere on the net about her. Kudos to Alia Sabur. Stories like this make us Iranians all very proud.

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