An old Pink Floyd song covered green for Iran 4

Last week I heard of an interesting new video music that emerged from Canada. The famous Pink Floyd song, “Another Brick in the Wall“, written by the great Roger Waters in 1979, now reworked and covered by Blurred Vision, a band of two young Iranian brothers, Sepp and Solh in Toronto. The famous line in the original song, “Hey. teacher, leave us kids alone” is replaced with “Hey, ayatollah, leave those kids alone”. The cover is put to quite a telling video that shows a mullah and the security forces chasing after and beating the young protesters in Iran. The video is directed by the Iranian filmmaker, Babak Payami.

The remarkable thing about this story is that Sepp and Solh call up Roger Waters to ask for his permission and blessing on the new cover and he approves! But as they said, given the history of this great song, they were not surprised that he granted permission. Kudos to Roger Waters. Here is the video music:

I first saw a brief note on this story on S. Mostofi’s blog, and NPR followed with a more detailed report and an interview with the two brothers who did the new version of the song. As NPR points out, with “Another Brick in the Wall”, “Roger Waters, wanted to convey the cruelty and rigidity of British boarding schools. But around the world, the song became a political anthem against government oppression.” It certainly seems quite fitting for what has been going on in Iran.

According to the Mostofi blog post, you can buy the song from Blurred Vision at iTunes for $.99 with proceeds going to Amnesty International.

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